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I Digit Group is a renowned Internet Marketing Agency that has been in action for many years. Through the years we’ve been providing clients with the digital marketing strategy techniques they need to help get them ahead of competitors.


In this fast-paced digital age, it’s important to keep up with the competition.
Here at I Digit Group, we offer a variety of digital services that will help you improve your online presence & lead acquisition.

We Design & Build Websites, Brands, SEO Campaigns and Digital Projects for Businesses.

What we have to offer is more than just picking out the best keywords and managing a PPC campaign. For many years, we’ve invested our time by offering in-depth, personalized services to our clients because we care about their success. Not every business is the same, which is why we treat each of our clients uniquely

SEO Agency

I Digit Group is more than just an SEO Company, we are an Internet Marketing Agency that takes pride in covering a wide array of services for our clients

Web Design and Development

The base of your brand or business’ online presence begins with a proper website. Our team consists of experts with the proper experience in web design and development to ensure you have an attractive website up and running. This is the website we will be helping increase visibility on search engines and eventually attracting customers. It is absolutely essential that you have a website that looks good, is responsive on mobile and tablet devices, and accurately advertises what your business has to offer.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First thing’s first, the world of SEO is constantly changing - which is why we stay on top of all the new algorithmic changes and strategy optimizations to keep our clients ahead of the curb. Developing an effective SEO Strategy will help improve your visibility in search engines such as Google or Bing. We’ll help determine the Ideal Keywords depending on your business or brand and create a plan towards getting your website higher on the ranks. This will put your business right in front of those who are directly interested in what you offer, resulting in higher lead generation and better business for you.
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Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on improving the online presence in your specific location. This is extremely important if you require clientele to be directly in your local area. Whether you are a restaurant, a Spa, a trade service, or even a lawyer looking to increase their online visibility to reach potential customers on the internet, we have what it takes to help you out. We know what methods to implement in order to target your local area so you can fill your pipeline with legitimate customers.
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Content Strategies

Content can be made and published on many different platforms on the web besides just your website. This includes places like FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so much more. We can help you create a creative content strategy that helps to attract, engage, and convert your determined target audience. Different markets will have different platforms that are optimal for attracting customers. We will take this into consideration and help your business nurture its target audience in order to improve online visibility and lead generation.
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Guest Blogging and Outreach

Guest blogging and outreach helps build relationships across the web. The idea is to get the attention of a recipient and get a response. This can be done through email outreach, social media, etc. Building relationships with others who share your brand or business’ values will increase authority and credibility. Here at I Digit Group, we can help you build those relationships and reap their benefits.
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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click Advertising is the fastest way to get right in front of your target audience. We can help manage PPC advertising campaigns, go over the analytics, and run numerous test PPC campaigns in order to optimize & improve the conversion rate. We do all of this so you end up paying to get high quality customers in your pipeline. We understand you don’t want to pay for uninterested people to click on your ad, which is why we have the experts who know just what to do so you get the best for what your business puts on the table.
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We're motivated by the desire to achieve.

What Does SEO Mean to Us?

SEO is important to include in any digital marketing strategy.

In fact, no digital marketing strategy is complete without it. But what’s even more important is what else can be done to help improve our SEO implementation further. All of the service we offer outside of SEO works towards improving your online presence. When all of these building blocks come together, this is where your business will shine. This is why we would consider ourselves as more than an SEO Agency, but more so an Internet Marketing Company that can meet all of your online needs.

Important aspects of a Good Digital Strategy

There is no straight-shot way to guarantee success in the online world. It’s quintessential that your business utilizes the latest technology and is visible on numerous platforms in order to reach your target audience online. The tech world is growing rapidly and we’ve equipped our team with creative, quick-thinking, and up to date experts who put forth their efforts towards making sure our clients are not only happy, but their business is getting real results.

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Whether your business is already online and you’re looking to optimize your strategy or you are starting from scratch, you can trust I Digit Group to guide you through the journey. Contact us today to start improving your digital marketing strategy and generate more leads.