Why Local SEO Is the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

SEO is an important marketing tool but it comes in many different forms and one of the Most cost-effective Strategies is Local SEO.

Businesses are always being told to go big but while you can now reach a wider audience more easily it is important that you don’t forget about your local audience.

Your local audience is incredibly important especially for emerging small businesses but no matter how big your business is you should never forget about your local consumers.

Marketing on a local level is very different for the national and international level especially in-regards to SEO.

So, let’s take a closer look at local SEO and examine why it is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in more detail.

The Importance of Local SEO

In an age where almost everyone is connected to the internet or owns a smartphone focusing on local customers might seem like a waste of time for some businesses but as you’re about to see it isn’t.

SEO is designed to bring more people to your website and up your ranking in the organic search results.

If you are a computer repair business, for example, you’ll use terms like “computer repairs”, “broken computers” and “faulty technology” to name just a few of the possibilities.

  • Local SEO is pretty much the same except it puts a stronger emphasis on the location of your business or another specific location you want to attract the attention of.
  • Local SEO follows the same principles of Regular SEO in many respects so it is actually easy to get to grips with and is a valuable marketing technique that is also very cost-effective.
  • Since you are focusing on a specific geographical location (most likely the one your business is based in) you will already have a lot of local knowledge.

When using Local SEO to Market your Business you should be putting that local knowledge to work. Optimize your website for your local consumers and use backlinks to other popular local websites to help generate more hits.

Utilizing local SEO could be as simple as including the name of your desired location in some of your content.

That is a basic example of local SEO you can be much more innovative in how you approach it but as I mentioned earlier it is incredibly cost effective.

For example, adding your contact information on your website (you’d be surprised by how many businesses don’t) is a good form of local SEO that can help bring in more local customers.

I’ve already mentioned some of the more well-known and simplest ways to implement local SEO marketing techniques but let’s look at some of the lesser-known examples.

Your meta description is the small bit of text that is listed under your website in the search results.

Many websites use the meta description to give a brief summary of their business which is a good idea but if you implement some local keywords like location names then it will vastly improve the chances of it rising high in local search results.

So, don’t forget or neglect to alter your meta description to attract your local audience.

A good local SEO strategy looks beyond your website’s content though it goes much further!

Local directories and newspapers are a great resource for local businesses to utilize in their local SEO marketing and despite what you might think many customers will still use them.

You might not use the Yellow Pages much anymore but the YELP website is still seeing plenty of use.

So, check all the local directories you can including the big names and the small ones to ensure your business is properly listed in them.

Hiring a Local SEO Agency

This is a great local SEO tip that many businesses don’t think about and best of all checking these websites and getting them to add your contact info if they don’t have it is almost always going to be free.

You can’t really get more cost-effective than that can you? Another important part of local SEO worth pursuing is your businesses reviews.

These days your business can be reviewed on countless websites but you will also have the opportunity to reply to these reviews in most cases and leave comments.

Make sure you are monitoring your businesses reviews even a negative review can be turned into a positive one with the right reply.

Finally, you should also be using your websites social media pages to attract local attention as well. Converse with local customers through your social media, share content and you could even run local events and competitions.

Some smart thinking will go a long way although what you can really do will all depend on the industry your business is in.

But local SEO as I’ve shown is not only very effective and beneficial but also usually a very cost-effective way to market your business as well.

So, don’t forget your local consumers when they should be celebrated.

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