How Much Money Are You Leaving on The Table by Not Using Local SEO as a Marketing Strategy?

For a business in any industry to make money it needs to market its products and services, doesn’t it?

I think we all know the answer is yes, marketing in some capacity has existed for a very long time but nowadays we are seeing new and innovative marketing strategies crop up all the time.

The rise of the digital platform and social media’s growing prevalence in our lives have increased marketing capabilities in many ways.

But many of these new strategies have placed a greater emphasis on national and international marketing techniques.

Because of the digital platform, even a small business you run from your own home can reach people on the other side of the world!

That is certainly very impressive but local marketing is now often getting left behind by businesses or at the very least not receiving the focus it should.

It is easy to write off local marketing as old-fashioned and unnecessary after all you can reach people globally and nationally much more easily nowadays. Why should you focus on local customers who can find your products/ services more easily?

On the one hand, I can see why some people do hold this opinion but in actuality, local marketing is still incredibly important and not something your business should take for granted. A local customer base is incredibly important to businesses of any size and by not marketing to them you are almost certainly losing money.

The Importance of Local Marketing

With the rise of the internet, many businesses have suffered from trying to run before they can walk! Don’t go chasing a national or international audience before you capture your local one.

Certain businesses in very specific sectors might be better focusing on these audiences but for the majority of businesses, you will be better served by attracting and growing your local customers first.

Think about it like this let’s say you make clothes and have a small shop in your cities high-street shopping district.

Your designs might appeal to a wide range of people and you might make decent sales through your website from people outside of your city/ local area.

That is certainly good news but unless you can attract local customers as well your business will be losing money.

It could even fail completely after a while! Of course, that is the worst-case scenario but even if you do make enough to keep your business afloat with international and national customers you will still be missing out on a lot of potential customers and therefore money by not marketing to them.

Using the above business as an example local customers will be a great way to increase profits by having regular customers come to your shop each day.


Using Local SEO for your Business

Just look at how many customers popular shops can get during the course of an average day. Even if your business doesn’t have a brick and mortar shop local customers are still incredibly important even to businesses that only have a website.

Many businesses thrive on local customers as well by building up a reputation in a specific area, they can then use this reputation to increase local customers and utilise it in further marketing. Marketing to your local audience is also much easier than you might think and many businesses will find attracting local customers easier than they would national and international ones.

How To Market To Your Local Audience 

Marketing to your local audience is relatively simple and you can utilize many of the same techniques you would for national/ international consumers.

You just need to make a few changes to focus them on locals. For example, you can use local SEO strategies to attract people from the local area to your website.

This can be as simple as adding location names to your website’s content all you need to do is just target a few local keywords.

You can also reach out to local social media pages to market your business directly to them and ensure you add your business to local business directories as well. You can also run adverts focus on specific local areas as well.

Even some of the more old-fashioned marketing techniques like posters and flyers can still be very effective on the local level.

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You could also create different landing pages based on local areas this can be local towns/ villages or even different districts in the same location.

Local marketing is much easier than many people realize and it as the potential to earn your business a lot of extra income. So, if your business doesn’t have a local marketing strategy in place now is the time to get one worked out and ready.

How to Use Local SEO to Gain Credibility for Your Small Business?

Local SEO Techniques

Local SEO is more important than ever before but many businesses these days underestimate just how essential it is!

Small businesses in any industry are playing at a big disadvantage there really is no way to sugar coat it, but just because it is difficult that doesn’t mean your business can’t still thrive and grow.

Many small businesses do after all don’t they? And local SEO is one of the ways you can help ensure your business as the best chance of thriving and growing.

Businesses in almost all industries will be better served by focusing on their local consumers first.

You can always look at ways of reaching international and national customers as well but local SEO should be your first priority as it is the key to achieving success with your local consumers.

Getting a stronger footing with your local consumers will also help ensure your business is more credible in the eyes of consumers (across all mediums) as well.

Think of it like this you use local SEO to attract local consumers to your business. They utilize your businesses services or buy a product from you.

They are happy with your service and they then share their positive opinion with others. This could be in the form of social media posts, reviews or just general positive comments with friends.

This helps your business grow on a local level, spreads greater awareness about your business online/ in-person and helps you look more credible to new consumers. Of course, not every customer will do this but even a few can make a big difference.

The first thing you need to do is to use local SEO to attract people to your business. Let’s look at the process of how local SEO helps build better credibility for your business in more detail by going through things step by step.

Utilizing Local SEO – How It Helps You Build Creditability

Local SEO is often misunderstood in fact the term SEO is the thing that seems to confuse many people. SEO or search engine optimization to give you the official name is often thought to involve keywords.

But while keywords are an important part of any SEO strategy there is much more to SEO than just those.

SEO is all about increasing the amount of traffic on your website, local SEO is the number of hits from people in your local area.

You can improve your local SEO in a number of ways and they don’t all involve keywords. Below, I’ve outlined some of the main techniques you can use.

Local Business Directories: The days of opening an old-fashioned business directory are pretty much over for most of the world.

But online business directories are still used and many people searching for a local business will use them.

So, make sure your business is listed online this will help it look more credible and official to your local customers and they will, therefore, be more likely to enlist your services.

Online Reviews: Online reviews are an excellent way of improving your businesses creditability on all levels but can be particularly important when it comes to attracting local customers.

The vast majority of people will look up reviews before buying from a business. So, encourage customers to leave a review online, you can offer incentives or simply give little reminders to people.

Even a few reviews can make a big difference to your businesses creditability.

Local Keywords: As I mentioned previously keywords are an important part of local SEO strategy. Simply adding some location names in your website’s content can help more local customers find your businesses website.

This will bring more traffic to your site and help increase your businesses credibility over your local area.

Location Pages: Keywords are just the beginning though any business that wants to utilize local SEO to make their business more credible should also have sperate location pages.

This will help show local consumers how you can serve them and help bring in more traffic.

Create Local Content: Finally, my last local SEO tip to help you improve your businesses credibility is to create content aimed at your local consumers.

Any business should have a blog and you can utilize this to create content aimed at your local audience.

You can run competitions, sponsor local charities/ events and use social media to share your content with local groups or customers directly.

Building local content will help your business attract more local customers which will, in turn, improve traffic and then hopefully generate more reviews.

So, local SEO is very important and will help your business grow in many ways especially when it comes to making it look more credible to new potential customers.

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