The Importance of a good landing page to sell your service online

A website is not an easy thing to build, is it? Sure nowadays it is easier than it used to be but all those easy quick website builders really only cover the basics.

Which can lead to your website looking particularly generic when finished.

If you want your website to really stand out then you will need to do it yourself or hire a very Professional Website Design Company, but where should you start?

The best place to start with your business’s website is the landing page after all this page is the first thing the vast majority of people will see.

But building a good landing page is somewhat difficult, it might seem easy and relatively straightforward at first glance but an effective landing page should be more than just a quick introduction and a gateway to the rest of your website.

A good landing page is essential if you want to successfully sell your products and services online so let’s look at exactly why it’s so important and how you can build a good one.

So, without further ado let’s take a closer look at landing pages, shall we?

It’s All In The Headline

The headline is one of the most important aspects of any landing page, think about it like a newspaper. The headline is going to be the first thing the vast majority of people will see when they click on to your page.

So, make it stand out and compelling make the visitor want to carry on reading and find out more about what you are selling.

If you are struggling with a compelling headline then you can use the same headline as your advertising copy. Having matching headlines with your adverts can actually help build-up brand recognition as well so it is always a viable option.

Best Landing Page

Be Emotive

To many landing pages, these days take a very rigid and boring approach to their structure, you get a headline, a little text, some images and maybe a video. In theory, this is perfectly acceptable but it is very samey and doesn’t really stand out or help you sell.

While there are only so many options in regards to structure and design there is never an excuse for boring text.

Make your text emotive to bring out a stronger reaction in the reader, appealing to someone’s emotions is the best way to get their attention.

Using emotional language also allows you to better convince visitors about the benefits of your products/ services as well.

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Ease Concerns

Whether you are selling a service or a product there are likely going to be a number of different questions/ concerns interested parties will have.

Of course, your FAQ section is going to be the main area to tackle these questions but your landing page is also valuable for easing customer concerns.

Design your text to answer these concerns as you talk about/ introduce your product or services. Reassure visitors to help build-up trust and alleviate their concerns and you can also use your landing page to highlight the other benefits of what you’re selling as well.

You don’t have to go overboard but adding a few little touches to address and answer concerns can make a big difference.

Landing Page for Sales

Include A Call To Action

A call to action is essential if you want to sell a product or service to someone and a landing page is an effective place to have one.

A call to action doesn’t have to be a sprawling mass of text either sometimes a few words is all that is needed to get people’s attention.

With a subtle but strong call to action, you can more effectively convert a visitor to a seller and ensure they move past the landing page to the rest of your website.

One effective trick many people use on their landing pages is to use images to frame or highlight their call to action. This is a visual trick that draws a person’s eye to the call to action so they’ll take more notice of it.

Build Up Trust

If you want your landing page to convert more visitors into actual paying customers then you will need to ensure it looks trustworthy.

There are a lot of fake websites out there designed to scam people so you will need to present your website as trustworthy using your landing page. There are a lot of ways you can do this although it’s important you don’t overdo it either.

Adding too much can actually have the opposite effect and make it look like your website is trying too hard to look valid and trustworthy.

Some of the things you can add to your landing page to help build trust are testimonials and review scores, social media links, third-party certifications, security/ quality hallmarks or badges and client logos you have worked with if applicable.

So, that is five tips to help your landing page sell your products/ services online. A landing page is often neglected these days but with a little bit of work and creative thinking, it can be an effective way to transform visitors into customers.

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