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If your business services are offered in a specific region or location, then a local SEO agency is exactly what you need to help you out.

  • Especially since now that almost half of Google search queries are made with the intent of finding a service or product locally, it’s super important that your business is implementing local search engine optimization as soon as possible.
  • The competition is only rising, which is where I Digit Group can come in and lend you a helping hand. We’re a local SEO Marketing Company that has what it takes to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

What Makes Local SEO Different From SEO

Local SEO focuses on getting your business on the Google ranks for local search results.

What makes local search queries differently from non-localized search queries is the inclusion of a location. For example, “the best hair designer in _” or “roof repair near _” are just a few search queries that local businesses would want to rank for.

When search engines receive these types of queries, they understand that the searcher is looking for results based on location. In return, they are provided with local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Local SEO Company


Local SERPs

Local SERPs are different than normal SERPs in several different ways. Local search results will provide a block of 3 relevant Google business listings underneath a map. This is known as a local pack.

Here, several pieces of information are provided such as the times of operation, the number of reviews, overall customer rating, address, phone number, and even pictures. This is all coming from the business’s Google MyBusiness Profile.

Your Google MyBusiness Profile

  • When I Digit Group begins helping your business’s journey through Local SEO, one of the first steps will be optimizing your Google MyBusiness profile.
  • It’s an extremely critical part of Local SEO that is only growing in importance.
  • Whether you already have a profile made or need our assistance in your profile creation, we can help ensure everything is laid out for optimal performance.
  • This Google Profile page is responsible for feeding information to local Google search results and Google Map search results.
  • It’s important to provide as much information here as possible so you can inform potential customers conveniently.
  • You can list services offered, contact and location details, hours of operation, and more. Additional information such as customer reviews, Q&As, etc. are provided by customers over time.
  • Keeping your Google MyBusiness Profile is an important part of local SEO, which is something we can help you maintain.

Citations & Relevant Backlinks

Aside from your Google MyBusiness Profile, we will help with the management of your citations and local backlinks.

Citations list your business on business directories and other citation websites (like Yelp, YellowPages, etc.).

This will assist in increasing the visibility of your business online by making it easier to find. With consistent listings of your business’s NAPW (name, address, phone number, & website), your local search rankings will improve.

Here at I Digit Group, we understand how high quality & relevant backlinks to websites such as newspapers, blogs, and businesses that are local to your business will be beneficial in helping search engines recognize your authority.

This will increase trust and give your business a boost in the local algorithm, overall increasing visibility.

What we do

Get Ahead of the Competition ASAP!

Our local SEO service will help you reach your customers when they are looking for you, unlike ads in Newspapers or mail flyers. While many local businesses are unaware of the importance of an online presence, you have the advantage of being able to start now so you can get ahead of the competition.
We have the expertise required to help your business start growing an online presence. With many years of helping businesses grow online, you can trust us to manage your local SEO strategy. We are not only experienced with what works, but are always keeping up with what new techniques are working so you never fall behind.

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Local SEO Company

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