How to Make Your Website Stand Out and Attract Curious Visitors

The internet is quite literally full of websites, isn’t it?

Every industry will have thousands if not millions of websites dedicated to them from the commonplace things like news and business to more niche and unusual topics, there are websites for everything.

A business can’t really survive today without a website, can it? But the challenge in building a website is in making your website stand out to actually attract curious visitors. It might sound easy but in practice, it is actually much more difficult than many people think.

With so many websites out there doing something unique and different is very difficult but the good news is you don’t always have to.

Smart website design doesn’t mean you have to do something totally unique it just means you have to be clever about things.

Let’s look at some tips that will help your website standout and attract curious visitors.

Best Landing Pages

Focus on your landing page

The landing page is going to be the first thing the vast majority of visitors to your website see so make it stand out! Make it clear from this page who you are and what you offer but don’t make it cluttered.

With a landing page, it is important you strike the right balance you need to include enough information to entice the visitor but not enough to make it look too intimidating to read or overcrowded. It’s a tricky balancing act but if you get it right you can bring more people into your website.

A smart and innovative layout

Any website hoping to standout should have a smart layout but what exactly does this mean? Well, it means it should be quick and easy for people to see where they want to go. If someone can’t find the right section/ department on your website they will likely leave it.

So, ensure your website is easy to navigate, a dropdown menu at the top or side of your website is a great feature to try. A drop-down menu won’t get in the way of your websites other features/ content and will offer easy and quick navigation.

Say no to stock photos

Stock photos won’t attract customers to your website! Stock photos might look professional (but that is by no means always going to be the case) and they might fit in well with your design/ content but they are still a bad idea.

The stock photos you use are probably already in use on hundreds if not thousands of other websites so your website is just going to look like countless others.

When you consider how many stock photos are industry-specific using them really shows you lack creativity and uniqueness. So, in my opinion, stock photos are a bad idea and something best avoided.

Include videos when appropriate

A website these days shouldn’t just be text and images, videos play an important part in your website’s design as well. Whatever your website is for there is usually going to be a way you can utilize videos to make it stand out and better showcase your business to visitors.

For example, if you are a plumber then you can use a video to introduce yourself and the services you offer. If you are a retail business then you could use videos to showcase products in greater detail to allow visitors to get a better look and feel for them.

Videos can make a big difference and will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

Include creative bios

One great tip many people don’t think about when writing content for their website is to let people know who they are. Bios are rarely seen in websites unless it is a short one under a writers name and even then they aren’t very common.

But if you add some little bios to your website it will be sure to help you build a better connection with visitors.

Fresh creative content

My final tip for helping your website stand out and attract visitors to ensure you are constantly updating it with fresh creative content. Every piece of content you add gives you another chance to attract new visitors, so ensure you are constantly creating new content and then sharing it on social media.

Blog articles, videos, surveys, animations, reviews and much more can all bring new people to your website so be creative.

So, that is my tips for helping you ensure your website stands out and attracts new visitors. Remember you don’t have to be the first to do something you just have to do something well to bring people to your website.

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