8 Guerrilla Marketing Techniques Top Internet Marketing Agencies Use in 2019

Marketing your business is important and if you do get it right, then your business is definitely going to see the benefit. However, it can be really tricky to actually get things right.

There are so many approaches, strategies, and methods out there for you to try as a business, which means that it can be hard going to pick the right one. The one that will not only get your name out there but will also help to appeal to your target audience too.

Internet marketing agencies are experts in marketing businesses. They know the right approaches to take, they know which ones should work and they know that if something isn’t working then you might want to take a different approach.

One of the popular marketing techniques for 2019 is Guerrilla marketing, but what is Guerrilla marketing and how do the top internet marketing agencies use them?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Some marketing efforts are in your face, high cost and time intensive. However, compared to these, Guerrilla marketing is a much more low-cost and unconventional marketing approach.

It takes a lot of imagination and creativity in order to try Guerrilla marketing, which means that it is often best placed to be tried out by internet marketing agencies, especially since they have a much more in-depth understanding of the area.

So, now you know a little more about Guerrilla marketing, why not find out more about the different tactics that some of the top internet marketing agencies may be used during 2019?

Try out sticky notes

Now, this may sound like a simple idea, but sometimes the simplest of things can really have a huge impact. Sticky notes are not only low cost, which means that you don’t have to worry about wasting too much of your precious profits, but they actually can be incredibly effective too.

You can place sticky notes, perhaps just with your business name and website on, pretty much anywhere you like. Doors, offices, and cars are great places to start.

Think about a different hand out for a trade show

If you are heading to a trade show any time soon, then you will already be thinking about which handouts you can give out to the people who approach your stand. The trouble is, there is likely to be a variety of other companies handing out things, just like you.

Which means that you need to try and stand out from the crowd. Choose something different such as a do not disturb door hanger or maybe even temporary tattoos, anything to make sure that people remember you.

Hold a positive demonstration

We live in a world now where protests and demonstrations are held on a regular basis. These can definitely have an impact and are something that people will notice.

Why not take this on board and try out a demonstration of your own? The idea of this is that you take the same approach as a demonstration, but you hold up signs that say that “this business is great at what they do” or “you can trust us” which is definitely going to make sure that your target audiences heads are turned.

Show why people should choose you

Struggling to think of social media post ideas or blog post ideas? If you are then one great idea is to put together a list of 10 reasons why your target audience should be choosing you over the competition.

It might sound a little like you are blowing your own trumpet, but the idea is that you are telling your audience what is great about you and what makes you different.

Arrange a flash mob

Chances are that you have heard of a flash mob before, they are often used when a person, company or organization wants to draw attention themselves as well as entertain people.

Flash mobs can be a great way to get yourself noticed and are also a whole lot of fun to come up with and organize, in fact, if you have some talented employees, then you may find that they can actually act as the flash mob for you.

Go undercover

Now we know that this one may seem a little on the underhand side, but trust us, it is actually incredibly effective as a marketing tactic. The idea is that you go undercover as someone who would want/need your product or service.

An example of this is with a certain phone manufacturer who had people out on the street asking strangers to take a photo of them, or even a selfie with them, before raving about how great the camera is on their phone.

Not only is this a great way to promote what you can offer, but it also engages your target audience too.

Open a pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is an off the cuff, once in a lifetime shop where you can sell your product. Not only does the pop-up shop grab attention, but it also helps if you perhaps want to create a sense of urgency about what you have on offer.

Not only this, but a pop-up shop is also a great talking point, which is definitely going to attract some customers to your brand.  

Give out free stuff

Okay, so this might not be quite a Guerrilla marketing technique, but who doesn’t love free stuff? If you have a product that you are trying to get out in the market, then offering it as a free sample to a portion of your target audience is definitely a good idea.

Try to minimize how much this costs you of course as the last thing that you will want is to find that it costs you a whole lot of money but not too much reward.

As you can see, Guerrilla marketing can really work for your business. You just need to be creative and not be afraid to think outside the box. Not only is this type of marketing effectiveness, but it is great fun too. 

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